The Power of Believing

By Kazimira Kira Ang Introduction by Marga Uy-Baula The best part about this craziness is the growth of a run-off-the-mill individual to that of an athlete; from a struggling runner, biker, and swimmer to an adequate one… to, if you work hard enough,  a podium finisher. Be inspired by Kira’s

Tri Essentials: A Complete Race Nutrition Plan

Tri Essentials: A Complete Race Nutrition Plan by Jene Shaw (original post at Nutrition is key to becoming an overall healthy triathlete, but it becomes even more important on race day for fueling performance, avoiding GI issues and recovering from your efforts. Follow this sample menu, suggested by nutrition and


Ordinary People Doing Extra-Ordinary Things We are a diverse group of individuals united by our common passion for multisports. We swim, we bike, we run. We train to hone our bodies and spirits, and race to test how far we have gone. Every now and then we reach a high