Sh-Endures (Females)

Ang, Kazimira Kira

Kazimira Kira Ang

Occupation:  Lawyer

Kira started running in 2009 to de-stress from law school. Her first marathon was at The Bull Runner (TBR) Dream Marathon. Reading through the different running blogs and keeping abreast with the running community, she was inspired by Noelle de Guzman (Kikayrunner) and Jaymie Pizzaro’s (The Bull Runner) transition from being very strong runners to being strong triathletes. Her ‘porselana’ skin notwithstanding, this lawyer is ready for what triathlon may bring her including getting scarred for life with "tocino" from cycling and getting a tinge of brown on her from swimming. She is taking up the challenge of how to bike with all its technicalities as well as swimming in open water one padyak and one stroke at a time. We daresay she’s getting the hang of it, grabbing podium finishes in two of the three multisport events she has joined so far.


  • Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 - 21k finisher
  • Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2012 - 21k finisherTBR Dream Marathon 2013 - 42k finisher
  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 - 21k finisher
  • Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2013
  • Run for Rebuilding - 10k Top Finisher


  • Yvonne's All-Female Aquathlon
  • 2012 Ateneo Aquathlon
  • 2013 World Merit Aquathlon
  • 2014 Ateneo Aquathlon 2014 - 3rd Place in Age Group


  • Tri United 4 2013 - Relay (swim leg)
  • Wetshop Newbie Triathlon 4 2014 - Super Mini Sprint 1st Place in Age Group
  • Tri Manila 2014
Baula, Marga
Marga Uy-Baula

Occupation: Educator

Club:  Endure Multisport

Background:  When you hear the name MARGA ( aka MARGALICIOUS at there is only one thing that comes to  mind…. “SUPPORT”. If we are talking about math then it easily equates as MARGA=SUPPORT. Marga is the ever loving, caring and supportive team mate we have in ENDURE. When things get a spill and everyone seems to be very busy preparing for races, Marga on the other hand is also busy preparing for the support crew to cheer up, feed, hydrate and motivate the competing team members.  It is no wonder that she is fondly called MOAS (Mother Of All Support) in the community.

Marga  from Quezon City on  the other hand is an Educator. She had the calling for teaching in 2001 when she taught teens 15-18 years of age undergoing their ‘confirmation’ in the Catholic faith in the United States. She proceeded to work at ISDANCO Foundation, building a beauty school called the Center for Aesthetics Studies where she recently resigned after eight (8) years of being their directress. She does consultancy work  for curriculum development in different institutions in metro manila, at the same time trying really really hard to complete her Masters degree in Education in UP Diliman.

When asked why she got into multisport, she simply said “It’s all about health”. Marga got really sick in 2007, where diabetes and being overweight were two of the major risk factors for that disease. She vowed to conquer these risk factors by going to the gym in 2007 and  getting into running in 2008 where she happily  joined .  Swimming followed suit as friends from the forum used it as cross training for marathons.

Other than that, Marga loves to organize activities, read books and drink coffee with friends to catch up on things.   She sincerely believes that LOVE is the answer to all worries, ailments, and negative vibes in this world.

Marga is one great example of a dedicated person, showing the world that a disease cannot cripple high hopes of recovery.  That to ENDURE  the pain and hardship follows the GLORY we deserve.

I salute you ma’am…..Lets have coffee next time. Words by Mhel

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 21K Timex 2009
  • 21K Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009
  • 21K Milo Manila 2010
  • 21K Condura 2011
  • 32K Rizal Day Run 2009
  • 42K QCIM 2010
  • Endure Blackberry Aquathlon 2011
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2011
  • K-Swiss ITU Subic Int'l. Triathlon - Relay (Run leg)
  • UP Trantados Fun Tri


Carpena, Tracy
Tracy Carpena

Occupation: Senior Copy Editor

Club:  Endure Multisport

Background:  She is a person of contrast.  When I met her in person, “dalagang-Filipina” was the first thought I had of her.  Simple, a little reserved, and soft-spoken.  But give her a bike and she becomes another person entirely.  A killer with a cold and calculating mind, with strength to boot!  Well, a killer on a bike that is. Oh, she’s overly nervous and frets in her gentle way when talking about a coming road race.  But when she’s finally astride on her bike, man, she’s pure power.  She attacks the road calmly, methodically and with a single-minded purpose. So don’t be amazed if you see her zooming past you on the road. She’s definitely one of the team’s strongest female bikers (can you hear the envy in my tone? lol!). How to define her in a single sentence? A “monster” inside a lady’s body, now that is definitely Tracy. Words by Pepsi

Sports Accomplishments - 

  • Rizal Day Run 2009 32K
  • Condura 2010 42K
  • TNF 50K Trail Run 2010
  • Nuvali Cross Country Duathlon 2009
  • Powerade 2010 Leg 1 – 3rd place (age group)
  • Powerade 2010 Leg 2
  • Columbia Trail Masters Duathlon 2010
  • White Rock Triathlon 2010 - Relay (Bike leg)
  • K-Swiss ITU Subic Int'l. Triathlon - Relay (Bike leg)
  • UP Trantados Fun Tri


De Guzman, Noelle
Noelle de Guzman

Occupation: Writer, TV Host, Fitness Instructor

Club:  Endure Multisport

Background:  The Iron Kikay. Beauty, Strength. These two words always come to my mind when I hear the name Noelle De Guzman AKA KikayRunner. I already knew of her before I became a member of Team Endure because she's so popular in the running community. I personally met her on my first ride with the team at Jala-jala. Gentlemen should be wary of her skills. This girl has the face of a beauty queen and the strength of a competitive athlete. She is a true champion in her field and always gives hundred percent in everything. She has already finished many races, marathons and triathlons. Some of those races not just as a finisher: a lot of them are podium finishes. No doubt that she is one of the SH-Endures who possess speed, especially in the run discipline. She is also a kids' swimming and fitness instructor. She is Noelle De Guzman, The Kikay Runner, Kikay Cyclist, Kikay Swimmer or simply Kikay. In her non-athletic life, Noelle also leads a busy life. She is a freelance writer and blogger. This chick changed the meaning of ‘kikay’ -- not just for wearing high heels, but also in wearing running shoes. She is the epitome of a Filipina who can compete and strive for perfection. Kikay Runner, Noelle De Guzman, shows us how to be Sporty and Speedy with Style. Words by Pyds

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 37th MILO Marathon –3rd place, 10K
  • Run United 2011 - 3rd place, 21K
  • Men’s Health All-Terrain 2011 – 1st place, 5K
  • Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010 – 1st place, 10K w/ obstacles
  • 34th MILO Marathon – Finals Qualifier
  • 2013 SBR Tri Series Aquaman Aquathlon - 1st place age group
  • 2012 Ateneo Aquathlon Classic - 3rd place age group
  • Unilab Active Health Sprint Duathlon - 1st place age group (3rd female finisher)
  • 2013 SBR Tri Series Triman Triathlon - 3rd overall
  • 19th K-Swiss ITU Subic Int'l. Triathlon  - 5th place age group
  • 2011 Animo Sprint Triathlon  -- 4th overall
  • 2010 Speedo NAGT Alabang Mini-Sprint – 1st overall
Eigenmann-Reyes, Julie
Julie Reyes-Eigenman

Occupation: Professional Dancer (Hotlegs Dance Co.)

Background:  You know how you meet a person and you just know  they’re a genuinely good person?  You see it in the eyes, they say =). And Julie Reyes has beautiful eyes.Dubbed as hotlegs runner, this diva is a member of the Hot Legs Dancers of the 80’s (did I just date you? hahaha) and of course has awesome gams!  Her running career is a fun and disciplined one, allowing her to pursue and therefore finish every distance she puts her mind into.  And triathlons? Pffft! A piece of cake for our gorgeous diva as she has already completed 2 triathlons this year-and it’s only mid-year.She is also an entrepreneur, a blogger,  a teacher, a dog-lover, a mother to a lovely daughter, and a soon to be wife to another over-achiever - this time in the field of theatre and film (you have got to see the video of his proposal.)Though she may be away from the rest of the team here in the Philippines, Julie typifies an Endure-member.  She loves life and lives it to the fullest with all that she can do with her God-given talents.  I am not exaggerating about her.  She really is all these and more.  You will be blessed to know her and be continually inspired by the wonderful things she does for her family, friends, teammates, and the marginalized.

She and I share the mantra from Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

With this in your heart and mind, how can you not do everything you were put on this earth to do? Words by Marga

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 42K Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon
  • Sheerwill Aquathlon - 2nd place
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2010
  • Road ID Triathlon - Orange County
  • 25th Annual Tinman Reverse Triathlon 2011


Encinares, Ellen
Ellen Encinares

Occupation: Senior Engineer (Telecom)

Club:  Endure Multisport and Powerpuff Boys

Background:  Ellen is Endure’s resident Lowla.  But she is quite the opposite for this term of endearment as Ellen stands for energy in the team.  Working for the largest telecom company in the country by day, a surge of energy is still left in her system to train for her upcoming events in the evenings and to lead the Adination Ayala Tri group every Tuesday night.Ellen’s known strength is her running, evidenced by a strong marathon finish in the hot and humid 2010 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.  Other triathlon disciplines get as much training time to continually improve on her personal best.A certified graduate of the team’s Project Training Wheels, she went on to bag a podium finish for her age category in the NAGT Speedo Leg 1 in Subic early this year.  This race alone showed Ellen’s tenacity and perseverance as she did not let injuries and mishaps during the race to stop her from finishing.  Kudos to her unwavering focus, Ellen was amply rewarded with a 1st place standing.But Ellen is not all about training and competing.  It’s a refreshing time as well hanging out with Ellen as she is always a sure energy boost for the group.  From cheering the team on or watching the Azkals play or just going on a trip out of the country, there’s never a dull moment with Ellen. Words by Joy

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 32K Rizal Day Run
  • Condura 2010 Full Marathon
  • TNF 50k 2010
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 42k
  • Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup 2 – 3rd over-all, 1st Female
  • SWAC3 - 4th over-all, 1st Female
  • Corregidor Aquathlon Challenge – finisher
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2010 – 3rd place (F 22-29)
  • 2nd Camaya Coast Aquathlon 2010 – 2nd place over-all
  • Rudy Project Sprint Duathlon 2012
  • 3rd Leg Powerade Standard Duathlon 2010 – 2nd place, age group
  • Wetshop Newbie Triathlon
  • 2nd  Dean’s Cup Triathlon 2010
  • NAGT Subic 2011 – 1st place, age group
  • Swim let for WRT 2010
  • Run leg for Tri United in Matabungkay 2011


Fernandez-Cayetano, Arzen

Arzen Fernandez-Cayetano



Occupation: Quality Control Analyst

Arzen started her active lifestyle by playing badminton. She started running in 2009. From then on she kept challenging herself, from PR to PR, from 5k to 21k until she finished her first marathon in 2011. She then proceeded to conquer her first duathlon, paving the way to the world of multisports.

In 2012, Arzen and husband Pyds was blessed with a little boy.  A year later, she went back on trail running and finished 11km on TNF, 12km on Salomon, Globe Cordillera Challenge (60km cross country ride on Cordillera), off-road duathlon at La Mesa and a 21km mountain run at Clark Miyamit. On February 2014, she finished her 2nd marathon at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, beating her PR with a time of 5hrs 32mins. As of this writing, she signed up for her first ultramarathon (1st trail ultramarathon) at The North Face 50km which will be in Baguio, Benguet. On any given day, she works as QC Analyst from an IT firm in Makati and as a tender loving mother to a little champ.  When a race calls her, expect a stronger, fiercer and bolder Arzen ready to chick any guy out.

  • Duathlon
    • 2013
      • 13-Oct, La Mesa Off-road Duathlon (6k-25k-3k)
      • 16-Nov, Nuvali Dirt Weekend Road Duathlon (10k-40k-5k)
    • 2011
      • 19-Nov, Powerade Duathlon Leg 3
      • Powerade Duathlon Leg 2
  • Cross Country Mountain Biking
    • 2013
      • 4-May, Globe Cordillera Challenge
  • Other Races
    • 2014
      • The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, 42km
    • 2013
      • 21-Apr, The North Face, 11km
      • 23-Mar, Salomon X-Trail, 12km
      • 14-Jul, Runfest, 21km
      • 22-Sept, Clark Miyamit, 22km
    • 2011
      • July, Milo Marathon, 42km


Gutierrez, Pepsi
Girley Gutierrez

Occupation: Admin AssistantCompliance & Regulatory Affairs

Club:  Endure Multisport and BPI Running Group

Background:  Girley (a.k.a. Pepsi) started in mountaineering before she engaged herself into multisport. As a mountaineer, she had to do her regular runs to keep her fit physique and maintain her waistline. She got hooked into running and eventually joined several aquathlons.I first met Pepsi at one of the videoke nights during the old days of She was so quiet and with her demure looks, one would not think that she is into any sports, unless you look at her legs (solid and firm)! A true manifestation that "Looks can be deceiving".Pepsi is one of my closest teammates in Endure, and my personal favorite swim buddy. She had her first taste of multisport in Corregidor Aquathlon. She surprised us all when we found her lining up for body marking, when we knew that she was there as a support crew (a.k.a. cheerer) only. Oh well, we knew she would make it, which she bittersweetly did.Pepsi is a banker at day but an athlete at night. With a limited time to train, she makes sure that she is productive in each of her training sessions. Pepsi also enjoys spinning and yoga classes. I won't be surprised if one day I will see her on the podium of several NAGT's. words by Raff

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 2013 LUUM 50km
  • Earth Run 2009 5K - 10th place
  • BPI Fun Run 5k - 1st place
  • SheerWill Aquathlon Cup 4 – 1st Place (women)
  • Corregidor  Aquathlon  2009
  • Camaya Coast Aquathlon 2010 – 2nd place (age group)
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2011
  • K-Swiss ITU Subic Int'l. Triathlon - Relay (Swim leg)
  • Tri United Matabungkay Triathlon - Relay (Swim leg)
  • 5th Leg Speedo NAGT 2011 - 2nd Place - Super Mini-Sprint


Manansala, Carina
Carina Manansala

Occupation: Systems Administrator

Club:  Endure Multisport and Storm Chasers

Background: I met Carina at one of the LSDs at BHS about 2 years ago. Currently, she is a moderator of and is also one of the board members of Endure.  She is also one of the facilitators of the BHS Adination Runners.With all that facilitating you wouldn't think she would be able to squeeze in her 5 days/10hr a week training into her already busy schedule as a Systems Administrator at the Bureau of Customs. Carina gets her energy from her favorite food: adobong atay (not my personal favorite, if I may say so) But of course, she still has her priorities in order:  God, Family, Work, Friends and the Sport.  That's why if you don't see her training, she most probably is shopping (for new bike or running stuff, maybe?) or taking pictures of ..not necessarily of athletes, rather of the places she has visited, as she loves to travel.  She really loves to travel that she would go out of town if there's a race.  Might as well hit two birds with one stone, right?Don't get intimidated by Carina's high energy, go-go attitude, like  Crissie Wellington, she still enjoys when training under the sun… or rain. Following her favorite athlete's mantra, one should be a dedicated athlete..swim, bike and run.. but don't forget to have fun!  Words by Neil

Sport Accomplishments -
  • Milo Eliminations 2009 San Pablo 10K - 8th place
  • BF Pasko Run 2009 10k - 4th Place
  • 32K Rizal Day Run
  • Condura 2010 42K
  • Milo Eliminations 2010 Manila 42K
  • QCIM 2010 42K
  • Cebu Marathon 2011 42K
  • 1st PAU 50k – 7th place
  • 2nd PAU 70K Pasuquin to Pagudpud
  • Sheerwill Cup 3 – 2nd place (women)
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2010 – 2nd place (age group)
  • Camaya Aquathlon 2010
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2011 - 2nd place (age group)
  • Powerade 2nd leg 2010
  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 Cebu
  • Tri United 2  - Long Distance 2012
  • Animo Triathlon 2010 minisprint - 10th over all
  • K-Swiss ITU Subic Int'l. Triathlon - Olympic
  • Animo Sprint Triathlon 2011
  • UP Trantados Fun Tri


Sanchez, Hanna
Hanna Sanchez

Occupation: Writer, Swim Coach

Club:  Endure Multisport and Caloocan Running Grp

Background:  With power and grace on both land and water, she took the first Endure BlackBerry Aquathlon by storm. A few months later, a tropical depression was named after her. In a way, the natural phenomenon was aptly named: Hanna is a strong athlete. In more ways, however, there’s more to Hanna than the vigor she exhibits in multisports. Hanna may be fierce in the multisport realm, but she can barely give you a killer glare cum game-face with her eye brows.Hanna may intimidate you with her swimming prowess, but she’s one of the team’s darlings in the pool who gets along well with both human and animal friends. Believing in the power of distance and the benefits of rest, Hanna conquers her races and literally takes the podium by storm on her pink slippers. Words by Tracy

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 2012 RUPM
  • CDO-Dahilayan 56km Ultramarathon
  • QCIM 2009 & 2010 42k
  • Last Man Running Rogin E, 2nd place
  • 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination
  • International Swim Masters Series Philippines June 20-21, 20009
  • Yvone's All Femal Aquathlon -1st place age grp
  • Animo Sprint Aquathlon - 2nd place age grp
  • Endure Blackberry Aquathlon 2011 1st place (Bold)
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2011 - 2nd place age group
  • Animo Sprint Triathlon 2011-2nd place age group


  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 Cebu Relay - Swim Leg
  • 2012 Tri United 2 - Long Distance - 2nd place age grp
  • 2012 SubIT Sprint - 3rd place age grp
  • 2012 Pico de Loro Tri Invitational
  • 2012 Animo Sprint Triathlon - 2nd place




Sueño, Izah
Ice Sueño

Occupation: Account Officer, SMDC

Club:  Endure Multisport

Background:  Izah Sueño is one tough girl. She is one mermaid that will be hard for you to out swim. She knows what she is doing in races. With a powerful swimming background, this former green tanker varsity swimmer knows how to flip, tumble, dive and run under extreme pressure. She can do it all.Being a competitive girl, she do her best in every race she joins. She is very passionate about everything she does which makes her a well rounded person. You will learn a lot from hanging out with this energetic girl. She is a spirited girl who just wants to improve everything she does in life.There are so many things that you will learn when you talk to this girl. You will be amazed with all the things she has accomplished. You know that she has a potential to be a world class triathlete because of a good foundation in all three disciplines.

It is not difficult to see the good side of life when you are with

"Ice". There are so many positive things that you will render just by approaching her. You can talk about anything that you want with her and she can tell everything that is good about it. Talk about optimism. words by Hanna

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 2012 Run United 2 - 21km
  • 200km Audax
  • 3rd Place (AG) 2nd Leg Powerade Duathlon, Daang Hari
  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 Cebu - 2nd Place age group
  • 5th Leg Speedo NAGT 2011 - 1st Over All, 1st Place (AG) Sprint


Talosig, Karen
Karen Talosig

Occupation: Dentist

Club:  Endure Multisport and CB Running Grp

Background:  Karen is a dentist by profession and a triathlete at night.  I first met her on a swim night at the Army Pool. She was introduced by Ronald and from the very beginning, was very amiable and so easy to get along with.  She is a regular podium finisher in dua and triathlon events that she joins. If she had her way, KT (as we fondly call her) would be travelling the world right now, filling her senses with its natural wonders.   She’s not easily embarrassed- a testament perhaps to her easy-going spirit and her ‘the heck with it’ attitude.  The mark she wants to leave is that of a good dentist, a better friend and the best daughter to her parents.To the guys out there, she knows what she wants in a partner – “someone who'd do his best to make sure that im happy; who'd see to it that i am ok and who'd make an effort to not hurt me in any way. He must be responsible; who'll love the people and things that i love simply because these people and things are part of who i am. Most especially, he has to be a God-fearing person”Hmmm....maybe she learned all these from her personal Joe D’ Mango of a friend in Endure, RJ, because when asked who her fave Endure-mate was she said, “RJ. Not only is he a teammate to me, he was my coach when I needed coaching sa swimming. He is my kuya who lends his stuff to me and gives me a ride when i need one. He is a "girlfriend" to me when i need some girl talk and my girlfriends are not around. He’s someone-to-seek-love-advice-from kinda guy."With a personal sports and love guru by her side, it won’t be long when KT will also podium in love. Peace, KT. Words by Marga

  • Urban Duathlon 2010 – 1st Place Over All
  • 2nd Leg Powerade Duathlon 2010 3rd Place, age group
  • NAGT Ayala Alabang 2010 – minisprint 3rd Place


Vargas, Joy
Joy Vargas

Occupation: Bank Officer

Club:  Endure Multisport and Team Boring Ultramarathon Grp

Background: Bankers don’t really smile a lot. Especially the ones who are with the backroom, support or operational groups. Who would want to smile if you are faced with financial statements and you try to analyze the ratios and the company’s operations, trying to figure out the amount of money that can be lent without losing your shirt in the process. They would be reading the newspapers everyday figuring out the interest rate movement. They don’t have a nightlife but would be burning the midnight oil just watching how the international markets unfold in Bloomberg, MSNBC or BBC. I bet they don’t have weekends either. They won’t be riding their mountain bikes in rocky paths in the South, nor joining weekend runs in mud-spattered trail or just around the neighborhood to test their stamina. They won’t be risking physical discomforts or worse, injuries to themselves. They abhor getting blisters, being sunburned, and getting into accidents leaving them in a cast for several weeks. They will be sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned coffee shop drinking their espresso or just be hanging out in the malls.Bankers are square, uninteresting, and monotonous. But not Joy.Joy really got on my nerves when we had our first few encounters. How could this small, seemingly frail woman on what appears to be a heavy mountain bike zoom past me in my 10-speed carbon-aluminum road bike several times during one of our training sessions in the Bonifacio High Street? In one of our practice runs, we chatted for a few minutes until I noticed I was running out of breath while she kept on talking. Her devilish smile appeared as she left me grasping for air and eating her dust. She was trying to increase our pace and tire me out! But after several weeks of training with her, I realize that she’s one of the friendliest persons around. She makes everyone comfortable around her, giving advice on how to be a better biker or how to build endurance. You could talk to her about anything and everything; from financial statements to the latest gossip in The Buzz, from fashion trends in Paris to advantages of triple chain rings in road bikes. She’s kind, articulate, and persevering. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her.Well, maybe one near her elbow. But that’s another story. Words by RJ

Sport Accomplishments -
  • 2012 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
  • TBR Dream Marathon 2010
  • New York Marathon 2010
  • Triple A Cup 2010 Extra Lite
  • NewMoon Khcycle MetaSprint Duathlon - Singapore
  • Unilab Activehealth SCTEX Long Distance Duathlon
  • 2012 Adrenalin Phil. Duathlon - Leg 2
  • 1st Highlands Twilight Duathlon Challenge
  • 2011 UPLB Fun Tri
  • Speedo NAGT 2010 - Mini-Sprint
  • 5th Leg Speedo NAGT 2011 - Super Mini Sprint