How to become a member of ENDURE

1. What are the requirements to join Endure?

Applicant must have joined a multisport event (triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon) and liked the experience. Expectation is that applicant is into the sport for the long haul.

Applicant must believe in the team motto, mission, vision and values.

“Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.  “

  1. To bring glory to God.
  2. To strive for excellence.
  3. To be competitive with oneself.
  4. To enjoy the camarederie in the sport.

2. How do I apply for membership with Endure?

Applicant may approach or communicate with any member of Endure. He or she will then be invited to join the Team in any of its training schedules. The idea is for both applicant and the Team to know one another. After several training sessions, an applicant may be formally invited and inducted into the Team by the Board if there is commonality of goals and values.

3. How do I maintain my membership status with Endure?

Regular Members are expected to train with the team in any of its swims, rides, runs, or race events on a regular basis – ideally weekly, normally monthly, at the minimum quarterly. The Team gives consideration to members permanently or temporarily based in the provinces or overseas.

Regular Members are expected to compete in at least 2 races a year – one event deemed major by the team, another event of the member’s choosing.

Members who opt for a temporary break from training or competing on account of work or personal circumstances may apply for temporary Non-Regular Status. The Non-regular member retains the Team association and the communication links to the Team via Facebook and Yahoogroup, but may not be included nor prioritized in the distribution of membership privileges or perks like sponsorship deals or discounts.


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Application Form : ENDURE Multisport Application Form