Swim Exit 101

Darwin while exiting the water (Photo courtesy of Marvin Opulencia)

Exiting the open water is an often ovelooked part of the transition from swim to bike.  Many seconds can be gained and lost, so technique and planning are important.

Step 1: Swim toward the finish. Know the course and find tall buildings, trees or signs to sight that are in line with the swimexit.

Step 2: Activate your legs. Kick a little extra during the last 200 meters of the swim.

Step 3: Keep swimming! Don’t stop or standing up until you have run aground in the shallow water. When your fingers scrape the bottom, take a few more strokes by pulling right under your torso.

Step 4: Stand up and lift your goggles onto your forehead. This action clears your vision for any potential hazard underfoot as you start to run out of the water.

Step 5: Take off your cap and goggles when you see your bike. Abandonment of equipment can result in a penalty, so don’t risk dropping these small items.


Source: Triathlete Magazine

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