Who We Are

We are Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

We are a diverse group of individuals united by our common passion for multisports. We swim, we bike, we run. We train to hone our bodies and spirits, and race to test how far we have gone. Every now and then we reach a high point in our individual journey towards sports achievement. When those moments come, we fulfill the promise of our slogan:  ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.


To ENDURE is to honor God. To ENDURE is to last. To sustain the multi-sport passion. To ENDURE is to leave a mark. To leave a multi-sports legacy grounded on values of excellence, perseverance, camaraderie and mutual respect.

Our Mission
Bring Glory to GOD. Promote spirit of camaraderie amongst members. Promote mentorship amongst each other. Being competitive to oneself.