My BB Story

Our teammate Ellen shares how she fell in love with BlackBerry and how it complements her multi lifestyle.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It was more of an awakening – an emotion that has been nurtured within me, awakened, without me ever being aware of, rather than an immediate surge of attraction. What I felt was far more different. This feeling – being one with each other — was developed in time… (oops, I’m getting ahead of myself).

Here’s our story:

Just like your typical date scene, we were introduced by a common friend – a great friend, actually whom I trust.

You might even say, we met on a blind date. I accepted on the pretext that, hey, I’m bored anyway, what have I got to lose, right? But in truth, I’m really a little excited. This wasn’t a first for me but nor am I an expert on these kinds of things. On the one hand, everyone seems to be vouching for him and approves of him too. I keep hearing he’s good (yada-yada), and that he’s the perfect one for me. Hmmm… on the other hand, I don’t like complicated relationships. To me, it seems this would just be a waste of energy and I’d rather channel it into other activities. I also had the notion that he’s a little complicated too. We’ll see…

He came from a failed relationship (well, hopefully that girl will find her own lovey…soon, *winks*). And I, well, I’ve been bored for so long (read that: loooongg). So, BaBy and I went to an out of town trip—where else? But in sunny-crystal clear water-white sand-hotbods-paradise Boracay. Oh yeah, we had FUN! We were so in sync that I even introduced him to my friends (good thing, they’re not yet into him).

Anyway, yeah, I’d like to say after years of waiting, I’ve proudly, helplessly, fallen truly-madly-deeply in love with you – BlackBerry. You make me feel so alive with your BBM (Blackberry Messaging). This is so amazing that I even get to chat with the rest of the BB owners of different networks (even with friends from abroad). All I have to do is check my local operator about their awesome BB packages and I’m virtually connected to them thru BlackBerry Social (includes BBMessaging, Facebook, Twitter, other instant messaging apps, and yep, I can even sync my email of choice – not work-related of course!)

Since I’ve been foraying into multisport, thanks to BlackBerry, my Endure teammates and I are always almost connected 24/7. Coordinating various swim, bike and run sessions and discussing them became easy. Of course, that is not to say, that’s all we do – sharing pictures and files are also easy. You can share them with a contact or within the group, on-the-fly. Everyone gets to comment as fast as their thumbs can type a message. With Blackberry phones, staying in touch with one’s social network becomes easy.

Yep, I made my choice. I <3 blackberry.

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